Make-up art: Creative execution of natural, trendy, evening or glamour make-up for occasions as required.
This includes measuring of facial structure and designing the make-up accordingly.
Bridal make-up for the most beautiful day.
Day-to-day make-up for fashion trends of the season.
Professional business make-up (for engagements or interviews).
Every woman is beautiful in her own way and my task is to highlight this.


Skin advice related to the respective seasons with the appropriate care program.

What do I want for my skin?

The face: rosy, smooth appearance, well-moisturised, relaxed eye area, well-groomed lips.

The body: smooth and tender, skin in which women and men feel comfortable in.
For hair and scalp: no dandruff, no itching, shiny hair with volume and volume with easy combable.
Well-groomed look for the neck and décolleté.
From skin analysis, we know which products we want to use for prevention of skin issues and improve existing skin issues.

Cosmetiv treatment: A facial treatment with a special peeling product, vapozone, pore cleansing, relaxing facial and décolleté massage. The mask application acts as a short rest for the skin. The final care depending on the time of day.
For men:

As the skin of men is 20% thicker than women, it also suffers more easily from irritation, redness, blemishes, excessive feeling and more.
Special skin consultation appointments for teens:
This is especially due to teenage skin having its own hormonal fluctuations, hence requiring special treatment & daily care.