As a certified oncological beautician and nutrition therapist, I specialize in accompanying you before, during and after therapy with my treatments for inner and outer body.
Because life takes its course and suddenly everything looks different!
In this particular situation, it is very difficult to not view yourself differently and also by others.
Your skin now needs a lot of attention and care so that it feels good.
Attention and relaxation are also important for you in order to regain balance in your life.
Cosmetics therefore play an important role in feeling comfortable in your own skin and maintaining the quality of life.
With a relaxing treatment, you put yourself in pampering hands, let everything fall away, recharge your batteries and thus restore your mental balance.





Regain your attractiveness:
As a qualified make-up artist and beauty coach, I can help you with make-up advice and treatment, as well as make-up to give you an attractive, natural look, such as: The eyelash-curling technique with a sparse lash line, as well as the classic eyebrow with a patchy brow arch - and for yours radiant facial expression, the right blush technique. so that you feel safe and comfortable.

Because if you feel attractive you will get well faster.